We walk the line between art and technology,
reshaping images to perfection

Colour Grading

The grading suite is where physics, anatomy and psychology meet colour, art and storytelling.
It is where an image is corrected, and enhanced. It is where atmosphere is built. But, above all, it is where a story is honed.

Finishing and Delivery

Finishing & Delivery

Finishing ads the final polish – denoising, image stabilization, resizing, wire removal, special effects, film grain, camera shake, titling, subtitling, up/downscale conversions.
We also deliver any format for web, TV and cinema.

Post Management

Post Management

The importance of a well-defined workflow cannot be over-stressed.
We design custom image pipelines that ensure better team management, colour consistency, and minimal rendering, for the best possible image quality.


Colourist Profile
Razvan Dimitriu

Razvan has been working in postproduction for over a decade. He has credits for feature films, TV dramas, and music videos, though the majority of his work is in TV commercials.

I always approach grading from a storyteller’s perspective. Story, atmosphere and character are my guiding principals. I draw inspiration from my surroundings: nature, art, and the work of my colleagues and contemporaries. But I am also a compulsive tech geek. Every pixel is equally valuable – and, the less aggressive you are with them, the better quality your final image will be. This means knowing every tool at an atomic level; and, if the perfect tool doesn’t exist, creating it yourself.

I will always believe that less is more, even if visual simplicity does not necessarily mean technical ease.


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